Saturday, 20 February 2010

Strip Cutting

Cutting strips is repetitive, but requires accuracy. This can be achieved with expensive tools that do the job very well. It can also be done with only a few tools – most of which you already have.

This photo shows some of them.

The adjustable try square is really useful, as once it is set, you can be sure all the distances will be the same. The distance should be the width you require plus half the width of your cutter head – usually 2mm.
You put the nails into the bench or a board along a straight edge as measured by the try square. Check them both after hammering them in.

Place the glass edge along the edge of the board/bench. Use the normal cutting square to place against the nails. Then draw the cutter along the straight edge.

Move the glass out to the edge of the bench and break the strip off.

The accuracy of this method is dependent on the way you line up the glass along the edge of the cutting surface.

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